persistence of vision III by ismael sanz-pena
drums by david soin tappeser


david studied composition with cristopher culpo in paris, encouraging his exploration of more abstract and experimental formats rooted in contemporary 'classical' music. inspired serialist and minimalist traditions, david's compositions are often shaped by notions of internal pulsation, phase and fragmentation as well as more over-arching thoughts concerning the manipulation of time-perception through music. as such, his final creations are theoretically and conceptually robust - but simultaneously mischievously playful.

for his incidental - mostly video and film - and sculptural work, david makes frequent use of sound-collage as a compositional device, altering 'everyday' as well as 'found' sound objects by means of repetition, (re-)organisation and (spatial) (re-)contextualisation.

his compositions have been shown in several exhibitions including 'experiments with truth and time' (conflictorium, ahmedabad, 2013) and 'frozen world of the familiar stranger' (kadist, san francisco/khoj, new delhi, 2016). 



not quite (t)here

passacaglia for piano trio - 2013

computer works

5 miniatures for string quartet - version midi - 2013

nitu & electra

sound collage for video (excerpt) - 2014

aman vs. kanishka

site-specific sound-installation (concept note) - 2014 

radar level 

2-channel sound collage for video - 2016



"I try to influence this improvisation in two ways. One is by centering on reflections, in both senses of the word: acoustic reflections as well as visual reflections from a mirror or surface, and then reflecting on the material in a contemplative way. The other influence is listening to the tails of the sounds that you make." - Pauline Oliveros

as inherently related practices, david's solo performances and his compositional work share similar conceptual and theoretical foundations. however, in the more fragile and intimate context of improvisation, his preoccupation with tone and pulsation are perhaps most apparent. though rooted in the vocabulary of jazz, his improvisations reflect his familiarity with different musical cultures, evoking sensibilities found in hindustani classical music or hinting at rhythms of latin american origin. 

since its creation, the collective hylozoic/desires has been one of the principal catalysts and platforms for david's improvisation-based performance work. however, on the side he continues to pursue his independent practice as a solo performer and in collaboration with artists from other fields. recent collaborators include: ismael sanz-pena, videokills, gui pondémaelle gross and gwenaelle rouger.    

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