hylozoic / desires



H/D comprises Himali Singh Soin & David Soin Tappeser, a multi-media poet-musician duo, whose work centres around the rhythms of love and the beat of belonging. H/D's methodology involves specific research tendencies into place and history, in order to develop new speculative futures utilising the musical tradition of jazz and the literary tradition of poetry.

Their first collaboration, 'you really got me now' (2016), an autobiographical, long-form lecture-performance about love, bureaucracy and (imaginary) borders at the confluence of multiple realities has been met with critical acclaim by audiences across India, the UK, Germany and ecuador. Subsequent collaborative performance works, such as 'hybrid/simultaneous or the disembodiment of non-artificial intelligence' (2016), 'the particle and the wave' (2017, based on a video of the same name by Himali Singh Soin 2015) and 'Lapsus Kairos' (2017) have been shown in the UK, India and the Netherlands.