[working title]


[working title]

[working title] is david soin tappeser's drum-led trio, featuring his playful arrangements of (un-)known standards and jazzed-up takes on classic pop tunes. 

embracing the intimacy and flexibility of the traditional piano trio format, the group’s game is highly interactive, collaborative and improvisation-driven.

interweaving hip-hop-grooves with ethiopian harmonies, folk tunes with reggaeton and the beatles with bhangra, the trio’s sounds emanate beyond genre or cultural specificity, infinite, indefinite and open to interpretation.

[working title] is nomadic. after appearances in india, france and the u.k. earlier this year, it’ll next pitch its tent in mexico in november 2019,, featuring mexican pianist gustavo mezo and british upright bass player theo malka-wishart.

the release of their first album is planned for the summer 2020.